Block Harbor partners with Keysight Technologies

In 2019, Block Harbor Labs started a partnership to develop next-generation automotive cybersecurity testing tools in preparation for helping automakers and their suppliers test vehicle cybersecurity for regulatory approval. The partnership was focused on the development of Keysight's "Automotive Cybersecurity Penetration Testing Platform," where BH was added to implement capabilities into the platform. Then, BH pitched a higher level management platform that helps automakers test vehicle cybersecurity at scale.

Focus on the mobility ecosystem @ carmbs 2019

BH was invited to speak to executive management in the automotive industry in Traverse City, Michigan at the Center for Automotive Research's Management Briefing Seminar (CAR MBS). BH presented on the importance of cybersecurity for vehicles.

Block Harbor wins 1st place at DEF CON Car Hacking Village Capture the Flag.

Block Harbor established in 2014.

Following a major incident where an FCA vehicle was demonstrated to be compromised remotely, Block Harbor filled a gap working with FCA acting as the security team for their advanced vehicle diagnostic system. A compromise of this diagnostic system could lead to a compromise of vehicles at dealerships and vehicles driving on the road. One of the first companies performing work in Automotive Cybersecurity, Block Harbor stood up a 24/7 Security Operation Center and added substantial security to this cyber-physical vehicle system, giving birth to our motivation of securing systems where safety is at risk.