At Block Harbor, we work every day in accordance to our values. Each and every decision should be guided by SHIP. This is how we keep up our culture that makes our team so successful. In addition, we measure each other’s team fit based on ability to SHIP.


Security for Safety means that every decision made at Block Harbor needs to come with safety in mind. If we don't do our jobs - test adequately, monitor properly, or market our services - it will mean a less safe world. Block Harbor was built on the principle of securing cyber-physical systems, where the highest priority risk was passenger safety. We bring that concern to all of our customers to make the world a safer place.


Hunger for Success outlines the motivation our team carries into every thing we do. We started off with a young staff reaching for the stars, achieving above-and-beyond security posture for our customers with small budgets. With no funding, we've gained the trust of some of the largest companies in the world. Our team's success is built upon an unrelenting desire to succeed.


Innovate the Industry showcases BH's position and history of bringing innovation to our customers and our audience. Let's face it, cybersecurity can be the wild west. It's a young industry and has a lot of maturing to do. Pricing varies wildly, services are sold on F.U.D., and there's a lot of snake oil. We create solutions that aren't driven by capital in an attempt to get acquired, but are solutions that the industry needs. It's our job to pave the pathway of the future for the industry.


Pride in our Effort means that whatever we're doing for the job, we're doing it well. We're here not to punch the clock but because our work matters. We put our best foot forward. If we're going to spend such a large percentage of each day together building BH., performing every effort well will define our success.