Time OFf

At Block Harbor, we're on a mission. We have to work hard to get there - it won't come easy. But, being burnt out is bad for everybody. Taking vacation and time off is incredibly important for you and your mental health. We're excited for you to come back with a fresh outlook and new energy. A few guidelines:

  • Please try to refrain from waiting until the last minute to take your time off. If everybody is offline for all of December, Block Harbor will fail.

  • Take into account your team's time off. If everyone overlaps, again, the team will fail.

  • Plan ahead. Try to notify well in advance, and make sure your team will be successful in your absence.

  • You must include all time off on the global OOO calendar. There are no excuses for not planning ahead.

2 weeks (10 days)/year of Paid time off

  • That's it - no strings attached.

Flexible Unpaid Time Off

  • If you need a break for any reason after PTO is exhausted, we can understand that. Please work with your manager to identify a strategy that works for you.

Taking Time ofF

Great! You're ready to take a break. Let's make that happen. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Notify your manager & make sure your duties are covered.

  2. Post it in the @time_off slack channel so everyone knows.

  3. Mark your calendar OOO. (It should auto-sync with the company-wide OOO calendar).