Certification Reimbursement

Looking to advance your knowledge? Get certified. It helps you progress in your career at BH and beyond. The more effective you are, the more successful team BH is.

Join our team in professional development. They got the following certs. What will you pursue?

How it works

BH will support your development. If you pursue a certification, we ask that you share the risk with us. In other words: if you pass, we'll pay for the certificate and training costs. If you fail, you're out for that exam cost. We encourage you to try again, and we'll pay the next time around.

What about a training?

If you're pursuing a training that doesn't have a certification attached, BH will still support you as long as it's a value add for the team. Go ahead and submit the form here - we'll decide on a case-by-case basis (but consult your manager before you start if you're worried about it).


Look, if, for whatever reason, you don't feel comfortable paying for the course/certification up front, please don't let that hold you back. We want to see you develop and grow. Go ahead and submit this ahead of time if that's the case and consult your manager, we'll make the finances work.

Submission Form

Finally, last but not least, go ahead and submit your expense and receipts in Expensify!