Parental Leave

We get how stressful, challenging, and EXCITING it is to welcome a new member to your family. At BH, we're a team that operates as a collective. That means your team will pick up the slack and support you while you're getting to know your new little one.

What we ask from you.

  • Have a plan, and document it somewhere so your team can access it. Your team will need to fill the gaps while you're gone. Do your best to make it easy on them!

  • Be clear about your plan: if you're going to phase in coming online (e.g. being available, working "a few hours"), just try to make sure it's clear when you will and won't be online in your plan.

  • Be specific in your plan: who's taking over what roles/responsibilities? How will the work that needs to get done, get done? When will you be signing off, and when will you be rejoining the team?

What you get.

  • Up to 12 weeks total time off (if you think you will require more, please reach out to your manager to come up with a plan. Of course we'll support you further if you need it).

  • 6 weeks paid time off.

  • Between 6-12 weeks, remote part time is acceptable and encouraged to get back into your position.